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america's richest self made women

10 America’s Richest Self-Made Women

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America’s richest self-made women are many but how many do you know?

People think that women don’t perform well in the corporate field and don’t make their mark in the richest people’s list.

It is also a common notion that billionaire or millionaire women didn’t earn the bucks but inherited the money from either their husbands or fathers.

But little do we know that there are multiple women who worked hard and became self-made billionaires. These richest self-made women are an inspiration not only to the women but to all people in the world.

Let us learn about these wonderful women today. Without any further ado, let us begin our list of America’s richest self-made women in the world.

PS: We are only listing American richest self-made women in this list.

#1. Diane Hendricks

  • Net worth: $8 billion
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Age: 73 years
  • Source: Roofing

Diane tops the list of America’s richest self-made women. She was born in 1947 in the state of Wisconsin. She graduated in 1965 from Osseo-Fairchild High School.

She married Ken Hendricks in 1975 and in 1982, they took a loan and established ABC Supply, a wholesale roofing distributor. The company also sells windows and gutters.

She became the sole owner of ABC Supply after her husband, Ken Hendricks, died on 21 December 2007. She has seven children. Her net worth is a whopping $8 billion! 

She is the 14th richest woman in the United States of America. The 13 women ahead of her inherited the money from either their fathers or their husbands. 

#2. Judy Faulkner

  • Net worth: $5.5 billion
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Age: 77 years
  • Source: Health IT

Judith R. Faulkner was born in the month of August 1943 in the state of Wisconsin. She studied in Moorestown Friends School and graduated from the school in 1961.

With Dr. John Greist, she co-founded a healthcare company called Human Services Computing in 1979. The company was later renamed to Epic Systems. The company started with $70,000 capital taken from family and friends. The company holds medical records of 200 million people all over the world. She and her family own 43% of the company.

She married Dr. Gordon Faulkner, a pediatrician and has 3 children. Her net worth is $5.5 Billion. She signed The Giving Pledge and committed to donate 99% of assets for philanthropy.

#3. Meg Whitman

  • Net worth: $5 billion 
  • State: California
  • Age: 64 years
  • Source: eBay

Margaret Cushing Whitman was born on 4 August 1956 in the state of New York. She graduated from Cold Spring Harbor High School in 1974. 

She is one of the most accomplished women in the corporate sector. Furthermore, she is a board member of Dropbox, Procter & Gamble. Not only that, but she was CEO and President of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and was also the CEO of Quibi before it closed in October 2020. 

She was the President and CEO of eBay from 1998 to 2008 and transformed the company from $5.7 million to $8 billion in sales. 

She married Griffith R. Harsh, a neurosurgeon, and has two sons. It may be surprising but she is the only woman on America’s list who doesn’t own a business and still earned $6 billion. (Earlier the net worth was $5 billion but as of 22/1/2021 her net worth increased). 

#4. Judy Love

  • Net worth: $4.7 billion
  • State: Oklahoma
  • Age: 83 years
  • Source: Retail and gas stations

Judy Love and her husband, Tom Love took a loan of $5,000 from Tom’s parents and opened their first ever gas station in Oklahoma’s Watonga in 1964.

She ran the company with Tom till 1975. In 1975, she joined University of Central Oklahoma at the age of 38 and received undergraduate and graduate degrees in interior design.

They also opened Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores and today it is a national chain with over 520 stores in 41 states. 

Tom Love is the chairman of Love’s. Judy Love is the executive secretary at Love’s and is the chairman of Love Family Fund. 

Of the four children, three of them work for the company. She has a net worth of $4.7 billion. 

#5. Marian Ilitch

  • Net worth: $4.1 billion
  • State: Michigan
  • Age: 88 years
  • Source: Little Caesars

Marian Bayoff Ilitch was born on 7 January 1933 in the state of Michigan. She married Mike Ilitch in 1955 whom she met on a blind date. In 1959, she and her husband founded Little Caesars Pizza in 1959. Before starting a business, she was a ticket agent in Delta Air Lines. 

The pizza store has now become a nationwide chain and clocks $4 billion in sales every year. 

She owns MotorCity Casino Hotel and Detroit Red Wings. She is involved in building a sports and entertainment district worth $1.4 billion in Detroit which will have pizza shaped windows. 

Did you know that she had to stop her husband from handing out free pizzas in the early days of Little Caesars Pizza?

#6. Lynda Resnick 

  • Net worth: $3.6 billion
  • State: California
  • Age: 78 years
  • Source: Agriculture

Lynda Rae Resnick was born in 1943 in Baltimore, Maryland. Resnick acted in the movie ‘The Horn & Hardart Children’s Hour’ when she was four years old.

She married Stewart Resnick in 1972. She and her husband started Wonderful Co., a snack and drink conglomerate. 

The brands of Wonderful Co. include mandarin Halos, Fiji Water, Wonderful Pistachios, and Pom Wonderful. 

The couple owns 135,000 acres of orchards in Mexico, California, and Texas. The pistachios, almonds, mandarin oranges, and pomegranates are grown in these orchards. 

Did you know that she started her own advertising agency at the age of 19?

#7. Johnelle Hunt

  • Net worth: $3.5 billion
  • State: Arkansas
  • Age: 89
  • Source: Trucking

Johnelle Terria Hunt was born on 4th January 1932 in Arkansas. She dropped out of the Central University of Arkansas. 

She married Johnnie Bryan Hunt in 1952. In 1961, they sold their home and took loans to start a rice hull packaging company. 

After eight years, in 1969 she and her husband co-founded J. B. Hunt Transport Services. They started off with seven trailers and five trucks. 

It is one of the biggest transportation companies in the USA. It earns nearly $9.2 billion a year in sales. 

After her husband’s death in 2006, she stepped down from the company as corporate secretary in 2008. With 17%, she holds the largest stake in the company. 

(As of 22/1/2021, her net worth increased from $3.5 billion to $3.7 billion.)

#8. Thai Lee

  • Net worth: $3.2 billion
  • State: Texas
  • Age: 62 years
  • Source: IT provider

Thai Lee was born in Bangkok in 1958. She grew up in South Korea, and she moved to the US for studies. 

She studied in Massachusetts’ Amherst College and earned a double degree in economics and biology. Likewise, she did her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1985. 

She worked at Procter & Gamble and American express before founding her company. She married Leo Koguan in 1989. She and her husband started SHI International. 

The couple paid less than a million dollars to a software reseller which was the predecessor to SHI in 1989. 

The couple divorced in 2002, and she has two children. She now lives in Austin, Texas. 

#9. Oprah Winfrey

  • Net worth: $2.6 billion
  • State: California
  • Age: 66 years
  • Source: TV shows

Oprah Gali Winfrey was born on 29 January 1954 in Mississippi. She is a famous talk show host. The show ran for 25 years. She stands at 9th spot on America’s richest self-made women list.

She used the profits of the show to reinvest and amassed $2 billion. In 2011, she started a cable channel called OWN. She has a stake of 25.5% in the company which is worth over $65 million. 

In 2015, she bought a 10% (which decreased to 7%) share in Weight Watchers and is the brand ambassador of the show.

In March 2020, she appeared on Apple TV+ for an interview show related to Covid-19.  

#10. Doris Fisher

  • Net worth: $2.4 billion
  • State: California
  • Age: 89 years
  • Source: Gap

Doris Feigenbaum Fisher was born in 1931. She married Donald Fisher. The couple struggled to find a pair of jeans that would fit Donald properly. 

This led them to start a clothing retailer company called Gap in 1969. They started with a corpus of $63,000 to open the first store. They sold music and jeans in San Francisco. 

She served as the merchandiser of the company till 2003 and was on Gap’s board till 2009. 

She has three children and two of them are involved in the company’s business. As of 22/1/2021 her net worth is $2.6 billion. 

Did you like our list on America’s richest self-made women? If you want us to write more on such topics or any topic, please comment below. 

Sources: Forbes

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