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dumbest dog breeds in the world

10 Dumbest Dog Breeds in the World

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Dogs are amazing. They are always with you through thick and thin in your life and rightly called the “man’s best friend.” They are goofy, funny, and intelligent.

However, some dogs don’t cut to the chase in the intelligence parameter (as per human standards).

Many psychologists, scientists, and animal experts have rated dogs according to their intelligence. So, here we are today, listing down the 10 dumbest dog breeds in the world.

P.S.: We don’t really agree with the dumbest dog breeds list. If their intelligence is dependent on how well they can obey commands, then I don’t know what to say.

While training and staying obedient (in some cases like controlling themselves around food which may be harmful to them) is necessary, it cannot always show their intelligence level.

Dumb or intelligent, every dog is fantastic and has a unique characteristic of their own.

Let us begin…

#1. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound - dumbest dog breeds

They are popularly known for their long silky coats. They are always on the dumbest dog breeds’ list. They were bred to hunt the prey and have good eyesight and hunting skills.

These hounds are mostly aloof and behave a little “highly,” especially among strangers. They don’t like taking commands and are pretty independent. What makes them more resistant to training is that they are stubborn.

Who cares about intelligence (as per our standards) when they are so regal, elegant, and beautiful?

#2. Basenji


The one dog breed that doesn’t bark is basenji. Thanks to its unique characteristic, it is famous all over the globe. Just like Afghan hounds, they are known for being aloof and independent.

They are intelligent (in their way), playful and curious. And this curiosity of theirs can put them in trouble sometimes. If you want to get a basenji, then you better keep an eye on her/him all the time.

Their stubbornness, independence makes them score low on obedience. Some people even consider this dog breed as having feline characteristics.

They are loyal buddies but may not like your friends or relatives. So, know before you buy or adopt.

#3. Bulldog

Bull dog - dumbest dog breeds

The very mention of bulldog may invite some worries for the ones who don’t know them personally. I don’t blame you because their name and looks are a little on the fear side but hear me out – they are just adorable.

They are super kind dogs that would rather lick you than attack you. Most of them want to lay around you and enjoy your company than go out in the garden to play.

They are intelligent, but they don’t like to be trained! You need to have a lot of patience and dedication to train them.

Intelligence is not everything, especially when you have a loyal, lovey-dovey mate who will be your life companion.

#4. Chow-Chow

chow chow

The bear version of dogs, chow-chow, is one of the dumbest dog breeds in the world. They were originally bred to be guard dogs.

They are stubborn and strong-willed and may not take commands easily. Sometimes, this becomes problematic because they are seen to challenge the authority of their pet parents.

The challenge becomes a huge problem for any dog or puppy parent if not handled properly. Hence it is advised to not only train your pup but also socialize him/her.

But don’t fret. They are loyal and devoted buddies that just need a little training.

#5. Borzoi

borzoi- dumbest dog breeds

A sighthound just like our Afghan hound, Borzoi does what he wants to do. He pays no heed whatsoever to what the trainer says.

If you want to teach him obedience, then you have to learn to have patience. Nothing comes easy in this world, and Borzoi teaches exactly that.

Some say that it is a feline in a canine world. They love cleanliness (not much of a dog forte), and you have proved your loyalty for him to reciprocate.

It has a regal air; it is dignified and not easy to get trained in a nutshell.

#6. Bloodhound


Bloodhounds are so into smelling things that they barely get some time to listen to the commands. Not that they are not bright, but they get distracted with scents that call for bloodhound’s investigation.

Just on a side note, did you know that it has over 230 million olfactory (scent) receptors?

Apart from this, there are other common characteristics that make our bloodhound one of the dumbest dog breeds in the world. If you are wondering what those characteristics are, then here are they – stubborn and independent.

#7. Pekingese

pekingese - dumbest dog breeds

Originating from China, this breed is pretty much similar to Shih Tzu. They are lazy, and they are happy laying around in the house.

It is considered that their laziness is either due to their physical structure or royal treatment that they got used to by the Tang Dynasty.

They are lovingly called sleeve dogs because they were tucked in the sleeves of the Imperial household.

Along with these tags, they are stubborn. If you want to train your pup, start early, and be consistent and have patience!

#8. Mastiff


Mastiffs look intimidating, but they are awesome guys. Like the other dogos on this list, they are a bit stubborn and don’t learn to obey quickly.

They are also a little wary of strangers. So, it is a must for pet parents to both socialize and train their mastiffs to get a well-behaved companion.

#9. Beagle

beagle - dumbest dog breeds

Who doesn’t love a beagle? You feel like diving in those beautiful eyes. The way they run towards you with their floppy ears – is a sight to behold.

But, like the bloodhound on the list, beagles listen to their noses more than their humans! They love to explore, explore, and explore. They also chase critters, other small animals, etc.

So, it is better for your pooch if you keep him on a leash whenever he is out and start the training early. As they love to please their pet parents, the training process is not that painstaking.

#10. Shih Tzu

shih tzu

Shih Tzus, just like Pekingese, love to be pampered. Their silky locks get the attention that they rightly deserve. They are simply irresistible.

They are playful, oh-so-charming, loyal, and affectionate. AKC considers these dogos to be a companion rather than a working dog.

So, it would be best if you keep your expectations right from the beginning.

Sources: Science Alert, Dogster, Cheat Sheet.

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