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10 Smart Ass Cats You Never Knew!

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Someone said, “All you need is love and a cat.” I can’t agree more. Throw me in a room with few books and a cat, and I would stay there happily for hours! I love cats.

I have the potential to become a crazy cat lady (if I’m not by now).

They may look a little aloof and have the indifference cloud around them, but cat parents know that their way of showing love is so different.

But what most people don’t see is their smartness. So, here we are today to give you a list of 10 smart ass cats you never knew.

#1. Abyssinian


Abyssinians are the border collies of the cat world. According to Purina, the world’s most intelligent cat breed is the Abyssinian. They are medium-sized cats who love to explore their surroundings. These smart ass cats are thought to have originated from England in the 18th century. They come in different colors like fawn, red, blue, etc.

Thanks to their intelligence, they can learn several tricks and play with a plethora of interactive toys. Training them is easier than the rest of the cat breeds. But if you can’t play with them, they will use their pent up energy to destroy things.  

They are perfect furry companions as well. They love to accompany you; they are great with kids and pets who can match their energy level.  What more do you want from a cat?

#2. Siamese

siamese - smart ass cats

The royal cat, the Siamese, is one of a kind pet. They are affectionate and super intelligent. They originated from the kingdom Siam. The darkened extremities, small and distinctive head and face are characteristic features of Siamese cats.

They want attention from their parent every day. If you fail to give them the affection, they will go on and on complaining. They love to socialize with humans and other pets.

As they are intelligent, they play with many toys, and if mentally not stimulated properly, your kitty may show destructive behavior.

#3. Bengal


Don’t go by their weight and think that they are couch potatoes. They are as athletic as they are intelligent. Bengal cats are hybrids of a domestic Indian cat and wild Asian leopard. Jean Mill crossbred the two cats in 1963. However, Bengal cats are domestic but look similar to jaguars, leopards, and ocelots.

They are so intelligent that they can be trained to walk on a leash. Not just that, if trained properly, your Bengal will follow commands like “Sit,” “Stand,” etc. They even can help in turning the switches on or off.

If you crave a dog in the shape of a cat, Bengal is one of the best choices. They are affectionate, are great with other pets and children, and are trainable. Just like other intelligent cats or dogs, if not given mental stimulation, they get destructive.

#4. Burmese

burmese - smart ass cats

The Burmese cat is a hybrid of Siamese cat and a copper cat of Myanmar or Burma. Dr. Joseph Thompson brought this breed to the land of America in 1930.

After consistent selective breeding with Siamese and the crossbred kittens, he achieved in creating a breed different from the Siamese. He called the breed – Burmese. They can be found in several colors like sable, dark brown, and brown colors.

If you love kittens and want your cat to stay as a kitten at heart, then simply go for Burmese. They love to play, interact, and even listen to you when you talk. They follow you, sit on a lap for hours, and snuggle with you at nights. They are dogs in cats clothing.

They can respond to your different moods. They even learn things through trial and error. Just like the other breeds in this list, they are good with both other pets and children.

#5. Singapura

Source: CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

They may be the smallest cat breed in the world, but they have the smarts to sweep you off your feet. They originated from ‘drain cats’ – brown cats with ticked coats that lived in storm drains of Singapore.

They got the name from Malaysia because, in the Malaysian language, Singapore is called Singapura. Singapura cats often went fishing on Malaysian islands. They hence got the name, Singapura, meaning little lions of love, according to Purina.com.

Lovingly called Pura in short, these cats are extroverts and love to play, interact, and love your attention. They are extremely intelligent and observe every move of yours. They are friendly with cat-friendly pets but don’t really prefer loud noises, and hence it is better to keep them away from energetic and loud children.

#6. Cornish Rex

cornish rex - smart ass cats

This cat breed originated from England’s Cornwall. These smart ass cats have bat-like ears, big eyes, and small, curly, and silky coat. They are found in multiple colors like black, blue, cream, white, red, lavender, tabby, chocolate, and silver.

Thanks to their sleek bodies and speed, they are often called the Greyhound of felines. They are extremely active cats, just like Abyssinians. It is a must to physically and mentally stimulate your cat to keep her/him busy.

Advanced toys and complex puzzles are a great way to keep your Cornish Rex kitty busy. Just like the Bengals, they can learn tricks easily. They are known to communicate with their pet parents using both verbal and non-verbal communication.

#7. Scottish Fold

scottish fold

Scottish Fold cats were earlier termed as lop-eared cats. The lop-sided ears are due to the mutation of a gene. A barn cat named Susie had folded ears. The folded ears came down to Susie’s kittens, and selective breeding produced a new breed called Scottish Fold.

 They are present in varied colors like silver, cream, gold, white, black, blue, etc. They are great companions and always crave for the company of either their hoomans or their furry friends.

They are amazingly intelligent. Just like the Burmese, these cats tend to have emotional intelligence, i.e., understanding the emotions of a person by observing the surroundings and behavior. They observe us keenly and are in a constant pursuit to understand/decipher human behavior to under their surroundings better.

Due to this, the Scottish Fold is more of a dog than a cat. They watch television with you or be around you in the yard. Needless to say, they are super friendly with other pets and children.

#8. Turkish Angora

turkish angora - smart ass cats

Turkish Angora cat breed originated in Turkey. The breed made an entry in the United States of America during the 1950s. They are medium-sized cats with a beautiful long and silky coat. They are mostly found in white color.

They prefer some humans over others and prefer to stay with the preferred persons. They also demand some petting from their humans. Coming to intelligence, they are good at problem-solving and are easy to train. They obey simple commands easily.

They are emotionally intelligent, as well. They are playful, adaptable and are perfect for the families that have both other pets and children. They can turn on their faucets because they love water.

#9. Tonkinese


This cat breed is a mix of Siamese and Burmese cat breeds. They are lovingly called Tonks (short for Tonkinese). Unlike most cats, they are pretty social and outgoing from the beginning. They don’t have any problem meeting the strangers. So, it is usually advised not to leave them for long.

They love being in company with absolutely anyone – be it cats, dogs, or humans – they just want to be friends with everyone. They walk on a leash, play fetch games, etc. They are more like dogs than cats.

Like their Siamese parents, the smart ass cats love talking to people. They are so intelligent that they get bored with toys easily. So, it is necessary to have many toys and rotate the toys frequently to keep their attention.

If these things are not cool enough for you, then guess what? The color of the coat changes according to the climate (thanks again to their Siamese parents). The complete coat color gets dark if they live in colder areas and vice versa.

#10. Japanese Bobtail Cat

japanese bobtail cat
Source: CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Talking of intelligence and not mentioning anything related to Japan is not possible. Not only are Japanese people intelligent, but also their cats are – take, for example, the Japanese Bobtail Cat.

They supposedly came as gifts from China. They are famous as they worked as a mouser in fields. They are also considered as lucky charms. Their vocal range is amazing, and they communicate with their sweet voice and are not loud. They love it when you keep the conversation going.

They love playing, as well. Like Bengals, they love playing with water. They love all types of toys. If you think they don’t like being on your laps, then you are simply wrong. They love sitting on your lap. They also love traveling with you.

You may ask, then what do they don’t like? They don’t like being away from you for a long time. So, tag them along when you are going out for a day or two or even more.

Hope you enjoyed reading our 10 smart ass cats you never knew. If you want to make more lists such as this, do let us know.

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