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bizarre school punishments

20 Bizarre School Punishments That Will Shock You!

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Most of us have some fond memories of schools and some embarrassing ones. There are times when we laugh at ourselves, remembering the days we got punished at school. Do you remember which bizarre school punishments you had to face that you feel like laughing out loud?

However, not all are lucky. Some punishments are a downright violation of school laws. Not just that, some of the penalties are detrimental to the health of students, and some sanctions were needed in the event of such punishments

Here’s a list of 20 bizarre school punishments that will shock you.

#1. Forced to Write a Hundred Times

school punishment - write hundred times

This punishment is one of the simplest of all, and I guess most of the us have faced it. Teacher asking you to write either your name or something in the line of “I will not talk in the class” or “I will do my homework every day” a hundred times is outright ridiculous.

This punishment is universal (if we can say so). Some students may get over this punishment quickly, but few students get negatively impacted by this kind of punishment.

#2. Forced to Wear School Uniform

forced to wear school uniform

School uniforms are a great tool to achieve uniformity among students. The students may belong to extremely varied socio-economic backgrounds or hail from different regions, religions, etc.

However, a school uniform ensures that these aspects don’t play a key role when the students are in school.

But things may get overboard when students are denied entry as the students’ uniforms are not up to the standard. Critics also argue that school uniforms curb freedom of expression and individuality of students.

#3. Banning BFFs

bffs banned

Some of the Great Britain schools are banning students from having best friends or “BFFs.” Teachers are asking students to unfriend their best friends.

Some psychologists, teachers, and parents claim that students grow up well and can adjust well if they have larger friend circles. Another added benefit is that no student is left out.

However, there are studies conducted which claim that students who have best friends have good mental health all their lives.

#4. Handstands

handstands punishment

If there is a continent that is extremely strict on children, then it is Asia. Be it Japan, China, or India – all of these countries are famous for being harsh on students.

One of the ordinary punishments in Asia is to make students do handstands for small mistakes like coming late to school.

Other punishments include slapping (yes, dear western world, Asian students get slapped at least once in their life by their teachers), push-ups, running, or keeping hands up in the air.

For Asians, these don’t make up for bizarre school punishments, but for many western schools, they are outright bizarre.

#5. Not Allowed to Show-off Your Shoulders

not allowed to show off shoulder

In the United States, most of the schools don’t allow students to show off their shoulders.

This type of ban came because bare shoulders supposedly distract other students.

So, what is the punishment if any student shows his/her shoulders? The student is promptly sent back home. Parents are trying to remove such an absurd sentence.

#6. Not Allowed to Pee

school punishment - not allowed to pee

Most of the teachers think that students bluff when they ask to go to the bathroom. Due to this weird notion, many schools don’t allow students to go to the loo and ask them to hold their pee.

It not only shows distrust between the teacher and her/his students but also weakens the muscles of the urinary bladder of the students, which can lead to serious health issues.

#7. Forced to Eat Lunch on the Ground

eating from the ground

Luch time is probably the best time of school (after recess, though). However, the same was not the case for a group of fifth-graders of New Jersey’s Summer Elementary School.

In 2009, the students spilled a jug of water on the floor while they were filling a cooler. The students were punished and forced to eat their lunch on the ground.

A piece of paper separated their food from the dirty floor.

#8. Forced to Kneel on Frozen Peas

kneeling on frozen peas

This is one of the weirdest and most bizarre school punishments from Asia. The students kneel on frozen peas, rice, or corn for hours with the hands raised as punishment for disobedience.

It is followed in schools and at homes alike. A Chinese girl was expelled from school for posting photos of the retribution and making it viral.

Albert and Nancy Cusson took this form of retribution to a different level. They made their grandson kneel for nine hours a day. They continued it for ten days at a stretch.

#9. Forcing Two Students to Hold Hands

no hand holding

Arizona’s Westwood High School teachers gave two options to two students who got into a fight at school. The two options were either to accept suspension or to hold each other’s hands for fifteen minutes in the courtyard. The students chose the latter.

What they didn’t know was that they would be filmed. Other students passed nasty comments at them, which continued even during the lunch (after the punishment was over). Some people supported the penalty, whereas others didn’t like the idea of punishing students this way.

#10. Using a Dog’s Collar on Students

dog collar on students

Laurie, a science teacher in Florida, made her students wear a dog’s collar as a form of punishment. The movie “Up” inspired her to take such a step. It was a popular retribution method in Florida.

The punishment became viral when other students took photos of the ones wearing the collar and posted them online. The school board was not happy with such punishment, but the teacher declared that it was just a joke.

The teacher is on the verge of losing her job and is now on unpaid suspension. The use of a dog’s collar has decreased in Florida since then.

#11. Using Permanent Marker on Face

marks on face with permanent marker

A fourth-grade teacher, Summer Larsen, gave two options (as punishment) to the students who didn’t reach their Accelerated Reading Goal target.

The first one was no recess, and the second one was to allow their classmates to scribble on their faces with a permanent marker.

Six students went with the second option. Their parents were shocked, and they took action against the school for opting for such a bizarre school punishment.

#12. Chopping Off a Girl’s Hair

school punishment

The teacher of Lamaya Cammon chopped off Lamaya’s hair. Her mistake? Lamaya kept on playing with beads in her braided hair. The teacher lured her to come to the desk in the pretext of giving a candy.

As Lamaya reached the desk, she chopped off a section of her braided hair. The teacher claimed that Lamaya’s hair was distracting other students.

Cammon went to her desk, crying. Later the teacher had to apologize and had to pay a fine of $175. However, she was allowed to teach the students.

#13. Making Fun of an Autistic Kid

fun of autistic kid

The teacher and classmates of Alex Barton, an autistic kid, voted him out of the class. He was sent to the office. While he was away, she started a discussion about what they hated in Alex.

The conversation continued even when Alex returned, and the teacher forced him to listen.

It reached a tipping point where Alex’s teacher, Mrs. Portillo, told that she hated him. She even had a tally of whether the classmates wanted Alex in their class or not.

Out of 16 students, 14 wanted him out of the class. Alex was again shown the door. Shockingly, the court allowed Mrs. Portillo to continue teaching.

#14. Fake Prom for a Lesbian

fake prom

Constance McMillen requested the Mississippi school district to allow her to wear a tux and to bring her girlfriend to the prom.

The school informed McMillen that the dance was canceled. When she sued the school in the court, the court asked the school to allow her.

The school, this time, informed Constance that parents of her classmates arranged a prom, and she would be invited to that prom.

She took the words of the school seriously, and when she went to the prom with her girlfriend, she saw only five more students who were differently-abled. She celebrated her homecoming with other students.

Later she sued the school again, and the school had to shell out $35,000. It is undoubtedly one of the cruelest and bizarre school punishments that a student had to endure.

#15. Tying Up a Kid in a Duffle Bag

duffle bag punishment

It is undoubtedly one of the most pathetic and bizarre school punishments. A school teacher in Kentucky used to stuff a third-grader, Christopher Baker, in a duffel bag as punishment.

The school claimed that the kid was in the duffel bag for ‘just 20 minutes.’

He was tied up in the bag when his mother arrived. He was calling his mother and was trying to get out of the sack. Later the teachers were fired after there was an outrage in the local community.

#16. Nickers Down

nickers down

A Japanese girls’ school made the students pull their underwear down to their knees as a form of punishment.

They were punished in this way even for small mistake as coming late to school.

A penalty such as this is not only cruel but also perverted.

#17. Fine and Suspension

fine and suspension

A teenage boy in Texas was fined and later suspended because he was protecting himself from the attack of another student.

His punishment was a fine of $350, four-month probation, and nearly one day’s community service even though he was not at fault.

That was awful!

#18. Isolation from the Class for a Year

school punishment

Study halls are something that every school in this world follows. The study halls are incredibly silent so that the students can focus.

However, there are schools out there that go over the board when it comes to study halls. If any student is caught talking to others, he/she may get isolated from the class for the whole year!

#19. Banning Some Sports

bizarre school punishment

Dodgeball is a popular sport, especially among young kids. Aim of dodgeball is not to get hit by the ball and, at the same time, try to hit your opponents with the ball.

Public schools in New Hampshire banned dodgeball, stating that the game is a human target game.

They noted that this game could lead to bullying and violence.

#20. Forced to Smile


It is always good to smile. Studies proved that even if you force a smile, your brain uplifts your mood. North Lebanon School District took this fact very seriously.

They believe that every student must smile while they are walking through hallways.

The school district enforces this rule very strictly. Any student seen unhappy or upset is sent to the principal’s office to address their problems.

That’s all! If you know any such bizarre school punishment, do let us know in the comment section below.

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