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jaguar facts

Jaguar Facts For Kids

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Jaguar is the world’s third largest cat (after tiger and lion being first and second, respectively), and the largest cat found in North America. It is widespread throughout North America, Central America, and South America, in a variety of environments, including rainforests, grasslands, marshes, scrub woodlands, and forests. Jaguars are classified as an endangered species. There are around 5680 animals left in the wild. They are hunted for their magnificent fur and for the fact that they prey on cattle on adjacent farms. Apart from deliberate killing, the jaguar population is declining as a result of habitat loss.

Jaguar Facts

1. Jaguars are huge cats, weighing between 200 and 250 pounds and reaching a length of 5-7 feet.

2. They have brown or orange fur that is covered with rosettes of black spots (spots are arranged in the shape of roses).

3. Certain jaguars are melanistic, or almost totally black. Only from a close distance could distinctive dots be observed.

4. The name jaguar comes from the Indian word “yaguar,” which translates as “one who kills with a single jump.”

5. They are ambush predators that attack their prey by surprise. They can puncture an animal’s skull and kill it with a single strike.

6. They are capable of consuming 85 different species of animals. Fish, peccaries, caimans, capybaras, and tapirs are frequently on the menu of the jaguar.

7. Although jaguars eat almost mainly meat, they occasionally consume avocado.

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8. Jaguars are nocturnal (that is, they hunt at night) and solitary creatures (live on their own).

9. The jaguar’s only natural adversary is the anaconda. Humans are jaguars’ worst adversary.

10. Unlike the majority of cats, jaguars enjoy spending time in the water and are good swimmers.

11. They are adept at climbing trees and marking their territory by scratching the bark.

12. Their territory is determined by food availability. When food is plentiful, they hunt in a smaller radius. Jaguars that dwell in places with a scarcity of food must travel great distances to find sustenance.

13. When a female is prepared to be a mother, she roars to alert the male of her readiness. Pregnancy lasts 92-113 days and typically results in the birth of 2-3 cubs.

14. Cubs are born blind and utterly reliant on their mother for the first few months of their lives. They begin eating meat at three months and are entirely independent of their mothers at two years.

15. Jaguars live in the wild for 12-15 years and up to 25 years in captivity.

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