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Moose Facts For Kids

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Moose are the deer family’s largest members. They are widespread across the Northern Hemisphere, primarily in colder climates. They spend the winter in forests and the summer in places near rivers and streams. Moose are not considered endangered.

Moose Facts

1. Males and females are approximately the same height (approximately 4-6 feet at the shoulders), but weigh differently. Males are larger and can weigh up to 950 pounds, whereas females weigh between 750 and 750 pounds.

2. Moose are herbivores (plant eaters), preferring flowering plants, bushes, leaves, and tiny tree branches. During the summer, they feed on river plants such as pond lilies and pondweed.

3. Due to their enormous size, they require a great deal of food. Their stomachs are capable of storing up to 112 pounds of food at a time.

4. They have a total of 32 teeth. Their front teeth are not present.

5. Although moose have limited vision, they have an exceptional sense of smell and hearing.

6. Moose are outstanding swimmers. They can swim 6 miles an hour for two hours without stopping.

7. Additionally, they are fast runners; moose may run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

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8. The moose is most well-known for its antlers. From early spring through late October, male moose grow antlers. Antlers will fall off before winter, but male moose will grow even larger antlers the next year. They are the moose’s fastest growing organ.

9. Antlers are huge and weighty. They weigh 50-60 pounds and can reach a breadth of 6 feet. The largest pair of antlers ever measured 7 feet in width.

10. Antlers are mostly used to lure females and to overcome other males in battles for their devotion.

11. Males are solitary creatures who assemble exclusively during the mating season.

12. Female pregnancy lasts eight months and results in one or two calves. They remain with their mother until the following year’s birth of new calves.

13. Mothers are extremely protective and utilize their huge hooves to deliver a powerful kick capable of defeating predators.

14. Wolves, grizzly bears, and black bears are their primary predators. They will prey on young moose whenever possible.

15. Moose live in the wild for 15-25 years and in captivity for 20-25 years.

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