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Ostrich Facts For Kids

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Ostriches are big, flightless birds found in Africa. Apart from their natural habitat, ostriches are frequently bred as farm animals as some people enjoy eating their flesh and eggs and wearing goods made of their skin. They are not endangered, despite the fact that they are hunted for economic purposes. Around 2 million ostriches are present worldwide.

Ostrich Facts

1. Males, females, and young ostriches are all colored differently. Males are identified by their black and white coloration. Females and juveniles are often grayish, brownish, or white in color.

2. Ostriches can survive for extended periods of time without water. They will consume water through the food they consume.

3. They prefer locusts and tiny creatures such as lizards for food.

4. Ostriches are the world’s fastest birds. They have a faster running speed than lions or tigers.

5. Ostriches are devoid of a breastbone.

6. Ostriches, unlike other birds, have only two toes.

7. They have extremely powerful legs. A single kick is enough to kill a lion.

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8. The ostrich possesses the largest eyes of any animal in the world. Its eye is significantly larger than its brain.

9. The ostrich does not bury its head in the sand. If they perceive danger, they will lay their heads on the ground. The hue of the head merges with the ground, creating the illusion that the head is buried in the sand.

10. Adult ostriches have an extremely strong immune system, which means they do not get sick easily.

11. The ostrich is the world’s largest and heaviest bird. They lay enormous eggs. One egg is around the size of 24 chicken eggs. A single ostrich egg takes two hours to boil.

12. Females are capable of recognizing their own eggs even after they have been combined with other eggs.

13. Ostriches are infamous for their terrible tempers. If two families of ostriches (adults and their young) come into contact in the wild, a fight will ensue. The victorious couple’s offspring will be taken over by the winners.

14. Ostriches are extremely ancient birds. They have been a part of the Earth’s history for at least 120 million years.

15. Ostriches can live between 30 and 70 years in captivity.

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