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panda facts

Panda Facts For Kids

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The panda is a member of the bear family. Pandas reside in China’s bamboo forests, but habitat destruction and poaching have driven pandas to the verge of extinction. These magnificent creatures are extremely endangered, with about 1,000 pandas remaining in the wild.

Panda Facts

1. In China, the panda is a symbol of peace. Historically, when the Chinese desired to make a pact or stop a combat, they used to raise a flag featuring a panda. Additionally, the panda is a symbol for the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), an international organization dedicated to the protection of endangered species.

2. Bamboo accounts for 99 percent of the panda’s food. Pandas eat for 14-16 hours every day.

3. In 40 seconds, a panda can shred and consume a bamboo stick. They remain seated during the meals.

4. Pandas have seven times the size of human teeth. Large teeth facilitate bamboo eating.

5. Panda communicates with 11 distinct sounds. During the mating season, four of them are used.

6. Females ovulate once a year and have only a few days to give birth. Following mating, the female will pursue the male from her area.

7. Females are self-sufficient in caring for their cubs. Typically, just one child is born. When twins are present, the mother will overlook the weaker cub because of the lack of energy required to care for two newborns.

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8. When a panda cub is born, it weighs just about 5 ounces. In comparison to the cub, mother is 900 times heavier, and she has the potential to accidently crush it.

9. Pandas are lonesome creatures and lead a solitary life. They require a sizable section of the forest exclusively for themselves, as they lack the energy to fight with other pandas for mates, food, and territory. 

10. Around 240 pandas are kept in captivity worldwide. They are the costliest animals found in zoos. They are five times the price of elephants due to the massive amount of bamboo they consume every day.

11. Scientists do not understand why the panda’s fur is patterned in such an unusual pattern. Additionally, the color of the skin is unique. The skin beneath the black fur is black, while the skin beneath the white fur is pink.

12. Pandas do not have natural adversaries due to their enormous size. Snow leopards are only interested in little pups and elderly pandas as prospective prey.

13. Pandas begin climbing trees at an extremely young age (before they turn one year old). They will acquire proficiency in due course.

14. Pandas, unlike other bears, do not hibernate.

15. The wild panda has a lifespan of approximately 20 years. Pandas can live up to 25-30 years in captivity.

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