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panther facts

Panther Facts For Kids

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Panthers are a subspecies of wild cat found in America, Africa, and Asia. They inhabit woods, mountains, savannas, swamps, and even deserts. Panther resembles a leopard sans the spots. Its fur is golden or dark brown and its eyes are emerald. Panthers are a threatened species as a result of overhunting, habitat loss, environmental degradation, and global warming.

Panther Facts:

1. In Latin America, the panther is referred to as a black jaguar; in Asia and Africa, it is referred to as a black leopard; and in North America, it is referred to as a black cougar.

2. Adult animals reach a length of 7-8 feet and weigh between 100-250 pounds.

3. They eat meat and are carnivores (meat-eaters). They hunt and consume a wide variety of prey, ranging from birds and reptiles to huge mammals.

4. Panthers are capable of producing a powerful roar.

5. Panthers are lonesome creatures. They will only encounter each other during mating season.

6. Females will give birth to 2-4 babies after 3 months of pregnancy. She looks after them on her own.

7. Panthers develop an early ability to climb trees. They are the world’s strongest tree climbers.

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8. The newborn cub’s eyes are closed and coated in pale fur.

9. Cubs learn to hunt from their mothers between the ages of 2-3 months.

10. Young panthers can kill medium-sized prey as early as nine months after birth. They are quick learners.

11. Black panthers have huge, powerful paws and razor-sharp claws that they employ to hunt.

14. Panthers do better than other cats in human-populated areas.

15. Panthers are capable of leaping up to 20 feet.

16. They have exceptional vision and hearing.

17. Panthers have a lifespan of nearly 12 years in the wild and can live up to 20 years in captivity.

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