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Top 10 Crazy Superstitions People Believe and Follow!

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We all are superstitious in one way or the other. We may deny it, but there will be one thing that we do as a ritual, but somewhere we know that it is none other than one of those crazy superstitions we should ignore!

Considering black cats as bad luck might fade away but will you celebrate something on Friday, 13th? I know I got you!

It is not harmful to follow one or two superstitions. In fact, a study conducted in 2010 that superstitions work sometimes. It is because belief in something improves our performance – just like a placebo effect. Today we are counting down the top 10 superstitions people still believe and follow.

#1. Numbers

superstition about numbers

Friday the 13th must be the mother of all crazy superstitions. There are hundreds of thousands of people who believe in this. Many of them don’t start any project on that day fearing that the project will fail. 666 is another number that scares people. It is generally termed as “devil’s number” or “Satan’s number.”

Italians don’t fear Friday the 13th, it is Friday the 17th that scares them the most. Chinese are scared of “four” as it sounds similar to death word in Chinese.

#2. Babies


In Turkey, it is bad to jump over a child. Why you ask? If you do this, it will curse the baby to remain shorter their whole life!

According to a legend in Nigeria, if you don’t want to child to keep drooling for his/her entire life, then just don’t kiss them on their lips.

#3. Unlucky Animals

superstition about animals

Irish and Scottish believe that seeing one magpie is bad whereas South Koreans fear crows. 

In Rwanda, most women refrain from eating goat meat because they believe eating goat will cause the growth of facial hair. 

Italians fear owls because if owls enter the house, someone in the family will die. Egyptians are no different from Italians. They believe that seeing or hearing an owl will bring terrible news to your doorstep!

#4. Pregnant Women

pregnant women

In India, pregnant women are asked even by their neighbors on what they feel like eating. It is believed in India that the unfulfilled wishes of a pregnant woman would affect the baby in some or the other way. 

Similar to the Indian superstition, Canadians believe that pregnant women should eat fish if they are craving it, else they will have a baby with a fish head! Talk of crazy superstitions!

Again in South Korea, eating weird shaped fruits would produce an ugly child! You better eat perfect-looking fruits if you want to have beautiful children.

#5. Mundane Things

superstition about walking backward

It may boggle a person who doesn’t believe in crazy superstitions that even mundane things can bring bad or good luck. Don’t believe what we are saying? Then how about not cutting your nails on Tuesdays because it is bad luck as per a legend in India? 

There’s more! In Portugal, it is believed that it is bad to walk backward. According to them, if you walk backward, you are showing the devil which way you are going.

People in medieval times believed that walking under the ladder brings bad luck. 

#6. Mirrors and Water

crazy superstitions - drop of water

In Mexico, it is believed that placing two mirrors opposite each other will open the doorway for the devil. Broken mirrors are something that is considered bad in almost every culture. It is considered to bring seven years of bad luck.  

Germans believe that cheers with just water mean you are wishing death upon the people who are drinking with you. This superstition stems from Greek mythology. Just who wants to cheers with water, anyway. 

As per Serbians, spilling water behind a person would bring good luck. 

#7. Poop

superstition about poop

Animals may be considered as a bad omen but their poop isn’t necessarily bad luck. According to a Russian legend, if bird poops on you or on something that you own will bring good luck to you. Guess pigeons don’t make it into the “lucky bird poop list” because they frigging poop on my car every day!

On similar lines, the French believe that it is good luck if you step your left foot in a dog’s poop and if you end up stepping on feces with your right foot, it will bring back luck. 

#8. Money

crazy superstitions - dollar bills

In Turkey, it is believed that an itch on your right hand brings you money and an itch on your left hand will take away money from you. 

As per a legend in Brazil, you should not put your wallet or purse on the floor. If you dare to do so, you will be left penniless. So, remember it from now, no touching your wallet or purse with the tiles!

#9. Random Objects

superstitions about mundane things

Fans running in closed rooms are dangerous according to South Korean superstition. They nullify the effect of running fan baddie by keeping the windows open. 

If you haven’t encountered any superstition as gross, then you are not disappointed. People in Turkey don’t chew gum at night because they believe chewing gum at night is equivalent to chewing a dead body’s flesh!

Japanese and Indian cultures believe that cutting your nails at night is bad luck. In Japanese culture, it causes premature death. Indian culture lets you do the thinking about bad luck. 

#10. Devils

crazy superstitions about things relating to devils

Japanese tradition is to hide thumbs while passing through a graveyard. There is a reason for it. The word for the thumb in the Japanese language translates to parent finger. So, they hide their thumbs to protect their parents from death. 

In the Netherlands, people believe that singing at the dinner table means that you are singing to an evil spirit for food. 

If you go to an Irish wedding, you must have seen some bells on the bride’s dress. They wear those bells to thwart off the evil spirits who try to ruin the marriage. 

It is banned to whistle indoors in Lithuania. They believe that noise summons the devils to your home or wherever you are whistling. 

According to a Filipino tradition, heading straight to your home after a funeral brings devils from the graveyard to your home. They usually visit some store or restaurant to drop the devils there and then get back home. 

Hungry for More Crazy Superstitions? Here We Go!

In Russia, don’t wish or congratulate someone on their birthday beforehand, they believe it brings bad luck. 

Putting chopsticks straight into a bowl brings death, that is what the Japanese believe. 

If you receive anything sharp like a knife or scissors, then give them a penny because that will save your relationship with the other person from severing. 

Don’t sleep with your head facing north. Don’t even sleep with your head to the west. Both positions will bring bad luck. 

Playing with scissors invites bad luck, apart from it being dangerous. 

A superstition in Ireland is that knitting outside will prolong winter. 


You can’t play yo-yos in Syria as they are banned. Why? Syrians believe that yo-yos bring draught!

According to Indians, you should not cut your hair on Tuesdays. Period. 

Giving yellow flowers in Russia would mean you cursing your friend with infidelity.

As per Italians, you should not say the same word with your friend at the same time. What is the consequence of this? You will never be married. To undo this, you should immediately touch your nose. 

Don’t wear red during the storm because the red color attracts lightning. 

Saying rabbit-rabbit at the start of the month brings good luck for the whole month. It is one of the common crazy superstitions believed in North America and Britain. 

Entering a room with your left foot will bring bad luck. Neil Armstrong placed his left foot on the moon. Well, the moon is not a room, so, that’s okay, we guess!

crazy superstitions about eating grapes

Eat 12 grapes on new year’s eve to bring good luck. 

Stepping on manhole with a letter A will not only bring bad luck but also you will end up with a broken heart. 

Women must carry an acorn if they want to stay young forever. 

If you find a penny, just pick it up and the day will be lucky for you. 

Black cats or the Bombay cats crossing your path is bad luck. 

Did you like our list of crazy superstitions? Let us know!

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